Owner Surrender Application

Husky House adheres to a strict policy on owner surrenders. We can courtesy post your Siberian, if proof is sent in that the dog is updated on shots and fixed. If the dog is not updated on shots and fixed, we will NOT courtesy post your dog. If we do post your dog, the owner will have sole responsibility of placement of the dog. Husky House's role is merely to advertise the dog. If you do not receive a response within 7 days, we will not be able to help you with posting your dog on our website. We do not deviate from this policy.

While most of the time we will not accept owner surrenders into the rescue, they will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

If you need to surrender your Siberian Husky please fill out the Owner Surrender Application below.

  1. Owner Name:
  2. Owner Phone:
  3. Owner(s) Email:
  4. Owner Address:
  5. City:
  6. State:
  7. Zip:
  8. County:
  9. Name of Dog:
  10. Breed of Dog:
  11. Dog's Age:
  12. Why are you looking to give up your dog?
  13. Is the dog spayed/neutered:
  14. Has the dog been to a vet in the time you owned it?
  15. If yes, do you have vet records?
  16. Please provide the contact information of all veterinarians you have used.

  17. Veterinarian Office:
  18. Veterinarian Name:
  19. Veterinarian Phone:
  20. Has your dog been on heartworm preventative in the time you owned him/her?
  21. Has your dog been on flea/tick preventative in the time you owned him/her?
  22. Does the dog have any behavioral problems?
  23. If yes, please explain:
  24. Where did you get the dog from? If from a shelter, breeder or pet store please enter the name of breeder, pet store, etc.
  25. Is the dog friendly to other dogs?
  26. Is the dog Cat friendly?
  27. Has the dog been around children?
  28. If yes please enter the age of children:
  29. Where do you keep your dog?

Please make sure you fill out this form completely before submitting.

Once we receive the application someone will be in touch with you.