Husky House works with foster parents/homes. There are thousands of homeless huskies and mixes sitting in shelters on death row right now. We need foster homes to save them. Please consider becoming a foster home now and save a life.

We need fosters for a wide range of our orphans. Everything from Siberian Huskies to Mixes, from Adults and puppies to special needs and behavioral problem dogs. We particularly in need of fosters that are open to taking on whole families as well as pregnant mommies and foster them at least until the pups are 8 weeks old.

All Husky House foster dogs can attend day camp and board for free. All other pets in the family will recieve a discount.

Foster families are required to bring their fosters to Husky House adoption events & scheduled meet and greets.

If you want to make a difference and help us rescue more dogs please consider opening your home to a foster and fill out a fostering application below.

Foster Application

Have you previously fostered or adopted from Husky House?
Please provide the contact information of a veterinarian you have used before or are currently using. Veterinarian references are checked. If you plan to use a new veterinarian please list as well.
Please provide the name and phone number of two personal references we may call

Please list place of employment for yourself and your spouse. We do NOT call employers, this is simply for our records.

If you rent or own a condo, please provide your landlord's contact information so we may verify that you are allowed a pet(s)

Please enter the following for all your current pets
My Current Pet
Please enter the following for all pets you'ved owned in the past:
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If yes, please answer the following:

Please fill out the following if you are applying to foster a Siberian Husky or a Husky Mix:

  • they are escape artists (thru open doors, over and under fences, thru windows)
  • they should NEVER be allowed to run loose in unfenced areas because they are EXTREMELY UNRELIABLE OFF LEASH
  • the overwhelming majority of Siberian Huskies coming into shelters and rescue groups are strays
  • blow/shed their coats heavily twice a year
  • have a very high energy lever and need a lot of exercise
  • are very intelligent, can be stubborn and are not terribly obedient
  • can have a high prey drive with small animals (e.g. cats, birds, squirrels, hamsters, etc.)
  • make sure the dog is ALWAYS wearing indentification tags on his/her collar
  • never take the dog out without a lead/leash
  • make sure all gates and doors are securely closed
Do you agree to the following