How Do I Volunteer?

Complete and submit the Volunteer Application below. The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to set up a Meet & Greet, where next steps will be discussed. You must be at least 16 years old to apply.

After you have been accepted, you will be given a Volunteer Agreement/Waiver that must be signed before you can begin. If you are under 18 years old, you must have a parent or legal guardian sign the agreement as well. Husky House Volunteers will receive discounts at the Snowdog Lodge

Please understand that completion of this application does not assure placement. Husky House (HH) fills the positions and time slots that are needed. Accuracy and completeness of this form are important in determining the acceptability for a volunteer position. You may be asked to submit additional references and participate in additional interviews, all of which are considered part of the qualification process. All pre-placement inquiries are made for the purpose of establishing the best fit for you and Husky House.

Thank you for choosing to donate your time to Husky House. We appreciate your support!







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How did you hear of HH volunteer program?

Do you know any HH volunteers? If yes, who?

Have you adopted a dog from HH? If yes, who did you adopt and when?

Why do you want to volunteer with HH?

What is your occupation?

What are your hobbies, interests, skills?

Do you currently have any pets?

If yes, what kind and what is your role in their care?

Describe any formal training/education in animal welfare.

Describe any other volunteer work you have done in the past.

Areas of Interest

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If you are applying to work in the Snowdog Lodge, which shifts can you work?


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Reference Name/Relationship/Phone or email address