Large image of Linda - R.I.P.

Linda - R.I.P.

Young Female Pomeranian / Mixed

This pet is no longer available for adoption.

Linda arrived at Husky House at only 1.5 pounds & unable to stand,walk, hold up her head or eat on her own. She lived in a tiny bathroom alone & covered in feces & urine. Her family had never taken her to a vet EVER! This tiny girl has stolen the hearts of everyone at Husky House & we are determined to get her up & walking again. Linda's spinal cord is being crushed & surgery is her only option... without surgery her spinal cord will eventually be severed. Linda is now 3.2 pounds, can eat on her own, stand & even take a few steps. She will go in for surgery on Wednesday April 28,2004 & the cost is almost $2000. She is worth every penny. Please keep our little girl in your prayers for a speedy recovery & watch our website for her progress. Linda needs your help to cover the cost of her surgery... wont you please make a donation to help her walk again. Linda's surgery will be done at County Animal Hospital by her neurologist Dr. Jason Berg. UPDATE!!GOOD NEWS!! Linda made it thru the surgery & is stable. I am sorry I didn't send an email last night as promised. :( It turns out that she has a genital malformation of the base of the skull & the 1st vertebrae. Basically part of the skull & 1st vertebrae was missing & deformed. This is a very rare condition & has only been reported 2 times. The surgery was much longer & more difficult than expected but she came through it OK & is resting comfortably. No signs of swelling as of this afternoon. :)) The spinal cord was badly bruised & irritated. We are still not out of the woods but so far all is going good. They offered her some food this afternoon & she was not interested (but she is not a good eater usually so I am surprised) I will be checking in on her later tonight before bed & again in the morning. Keep our baby in your prayers for a speedy recovery Sadly after several weeks of wonderful progress, Linda went into cardiac arrest & passed away 5/24/04.