Large image of Shakespeare


Adult Male German Shepherd Dog / Mixed

This pet is no longer available for adoption.

Shakespeare is a wonderful dog. He would make someone a great pet. But most likely Shakespeare will never get the opportunity. Shakes is at the Perth Amboy Shelter with NO ONE interested in adopting him! He is between 5 and 8 years old. This makes him "too old" for most looking for a new pet. Day after day he watches as the younger dogs leave with their new families. The days have turned to weeks and he rarely walks up to greet visitors. He lays in the back of his run, most likely dreaming of a time he had endless energy of a time when he a had a family to love him. Unfortunately Shakespeare's family never bothered to search for him. We are hoping that he gets a chance to know what it is like to have a family truly love him. It just would not be fair to this loving dog to have his life end in a dark cold cage never to know what is is like to truly be loved. Shakespere has all the qualities you would want in a dog. He is well behaved, housetrained, gentle and friendly. He is just awesome to be around. PLEASE CALL THE SHELTER TO ADOPT SHAKESPEARE. 732-324-3877