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Miller-Adopt Pend

Young Male Siberian Husky

This pet is no longer available for adoption.

Meet Miller. This stunning 3 year old boy lived his whole live in a disgrace of an amish puppy mill. Until he came to the Husky House he never knew what a loving touch was, never saw grass or the light of day let alone that there was such a thing as clean food and water. They breed him until he couldn't produce anymore and thank god he came to Husky House and was not shot, drowned or killed in any other horrible way as many other puppy mill dogs that can't produce "product" any more. When he first arrived at the Husky House he was so terrified and scared that we couldn't even get up or walk. His nails were so long they curved all the way around and almost touched his pads. He has been with the Husky House for about a week now and you would never recognize him!! He got his nails clipped, he eats like a champ, LOVES play time with the other dogs and he even more LOVES LOVES LOVES all the love and affection he now gets from the volunteers! He finally realized that his hell of a life is finally over and he can now be a real puppy! His favorite thing in the world is to just sit on your feet and gaze into your eyes all day! He is one of those PERFECT examples why we need to put an end to Puppy Mills and stop buying dogs like we buy disposable razors!! Please note, that at this time, Husky House does not adopt out of the immediate NY/NJ area. The minimum age for adopters is 23 years old. You must reside within a one hour drive from either NYC or from Matawan, NJ. We DO NOT do long distance adoptions because we do home visits prior to the pup going to its new home. We do not adopt out Siberian puppies (under 1 year of age) unless you have prior Siberian experience. NO EXCEPTIONS. We DO NOT place in homes that rely on the invisible/electric fence as the sole means of containment. Online Adoption Application Website: