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Baby Male Shih Tzu

Meet Baby Valentine! This adorable Shih Tzu mix was named because he was surrendered on Valentine’s Day. Despite inheriting seizures from his dad, Baby Valentine is too busy being the happiest pup to notice! Baby Valentine needs to take his meds every day (one of them every eight hours—yes, he has a schedule!), but don’t worry—they're very inexpensive. He’s used to taking them without fuss and goes right back to playing with every toy he can find and running around with his foster sister, trying to show her that he’s just as big and brave as she is! He needs a special human who can keep up with his meds routine. Baby Valentine is a ball of energy who loves everyone and everything! Now, he’s looking for his forever home. Baby Valentine gets along great with other dogs, though he hasn't been tested with cats yet. He’s doing really well with leash training and is already pee pad trained. Plus, he’s getting the hang of using the bathroom outside. At only about 10 lbs, he’s a small pup who won’t grow much bigger. Baby Valentine loves car rides and enjoys going everywhere with his foster mom. If you’re looking for a buddy who will shower you with love every time he sees you, whether it’s been a minute or 5 hours, Baby Valentine is the one! Interested in adopting Valentine? Please visit today to fill out an application. 


  • Up to date with vaccinations
  • Available 04/26/2024
  • Birth Date 12/28/2023 (may not be exact)
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