Large image of Schuffle


Baby Male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This pet is no longer available for adoption.

This is Schuffle and he is about 10 weeks old and what a cute little guy. He is going to need surgery soon since he arrived Husky House with luxated patellas. He is still too small for surgery but soon he will be big enough and he will be ready for surgery so he can be the happy little puppy he deserves to be. Not that he is letting his knees hinder him and any way. He is just a happy mushy boy who loves everyone :) Please note, that at this time, Husky House does not adopt out of the immediate NY/NJ area. The minimum age for adopters is 23 years old. You must reside within a one hour drive from either NYC or from Bridgewater NJ. We DO NOT do long distance adoptions because we do home visits prior to the pup going to its new home. We do not adopt out Siberian puppies (under 1 year of age) unless you have prior Siberian experience. We DO NOT place in homes that rely on the invisible/electric fence as the sole means of containment. If your yard is fenced in - your fence must be at least 5 feet tall. Online Adoption Application Website: Adoption Donations are as follows: Puppies (under 1 year ) $350 and up Adults (1 year -6 years) $300 Seniors (7years & over) $150-$200 Small Breeds - $400 (not including seniors)